Analyze Survey Data With Digivey Analyzer

Digivey Analyzer generates survey reports for you

generate easy to read actionable survey reports with Digivey Analyzer survey reportiing software
  • Survey Reporting, Desktop

    Save workload and time with ready-to-use actionable reports directly at your desktop.

  • Survey Reporting, Online

    Alternatively, transfer survey data from your survey devices to your account and view reports online.

  • Instant Reports Anytime

    No more number crunching. Generate actionable reports when you need it. Apply data filters, cross tabulations and more.

  • Quality Data

    Export raw data in popular formats like .csv and import into third party programs for advanced analysis purposes.

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Main Features

Survey reporting with Digivey Analyzer is quick and easy.

  • Intuitive User Interface

    Analyzer compiles the survey data for you. Click and select what you want to see or do next.

  • Descriptive Statistics

    The ready-to-use top-line report contains meaningful descriptive statistics and optional cross-tabulations.

  • Color Charts + Graphs

    Use the default charts or customize 2-D and 3-D charts and graphs. Export color charts for use with other programs.

  • Post-Processing Tools

    Post-processing tools include data filters, cross tabulations, several raw data export options and more.

  • Report Templates

    Customize and store text, font and chart colors for a consistent look of your survey reports.

  • Administrative Reports

    See survey duration, response time per question, initial language selection and more.

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Exceptional Value Features

Data Encryption

Protect data transfers by enabling data encryption and use Digivey Analyzer to decrypt incoming data.

Data Quality Control Tools

Filter survey data and store them in a back-up folder to create customized reports.

Export Of Color Charts

Export 2-D and 3-D color charts for import into other programs to create report presentations.

Maximum Benefit Minimum Workload

Survey Data Integrity Scans

Scan the survey data to see which data were rejected during data parsing and why.

Advanced Data Export

Click and select what you want to export. Then auto-populate a fully customized spreadsheet.

Record-by-Record Analyzer

View and export each survey record with all its answer choices and meta-data.

Digivey Modules and Subscriptions


Create compelling surveys, quizzes, assessments...


Field kiosk surveys and tablet surveys; Windows


For surveys fielded with Wi-Fi connected survey devices


Digivey Plus
Field and manage responsive (mobile-friendly) online surveys


Manage survey data and reporting on your PC


Data Shuffler
Automate project upload and data transfers


Online Reporting
Manage survey data and reporting in your online account


Digivey Data Bridge
Inject survey data into third party data bases