Questionnaire creation with Digivey Composer

Create interactive surveys with Digivey Composer

build interactive rich survey questionnaires with Digivey Composer
  • Intuitive User Interface

    Composer is easy and intuitive to use. Create a first survey within minutes, become an expert in just hours.

  • Create. Use. Clone. Re-use

    Composer lets you quickly type or copy and paste survey questionnaires without programming knowledge.

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Replace time-consuming paper surveys with Digivey powered electronic survey systems.
Then watch your response rates go up and workload and costs go down.

Digivey Composer Main Features

Create compelling surveys for surveys kiosks, tablets and web.

  • A Wide Range Of Question Types

    Single choice, multiple choice, likert scales, matrix, information only, closed ended, open-ended

  • Interactivity Logic

    Branching, conditional skipping, rotation, randomization, piping (text replacement)

  • Multilingual Support

    All world languages are supported. Western, Asian, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew

  • Multimedia Support

    Make your surveys more appealing with photos, video and audio, information screens...

  • Auxiliary Tools and Widgets

    Branding, coupons (print or virtual coupons), attractor slides, barcode scanning, swipe card, sign on-screen...

  • Special Features

    Email notifications, instant results to share with respondent, sign-in widget, spoken surveys

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Exceptional Value Features

Spoken Surveys

Let the built-in text-to-speech capability speak the questions for you or record survey questions to overcome reading and other impairments.

Customer's Voice and Picture

Want to use the customer's voice for marketing purposes? Record respondent's comments and take a picture, too.

Instant Results Interim Survey

Have a fun fan poll on your mind? Share survey results visualized in a graph with respondents.

Maximum Benefit Minimum Workload

Incredibly Efficient

The Digivey survey software streamlines survey processes and gets more and better results faster.

Extremely Reliable

With a Digivey powered survey system at your side your surveys will shine in front of the respondents.

Dedicated Live Support

You can rely on the Digivey survey support team to be there for you when you need it.

Digivey Modules and Subscriptions


Create compelling surveys, quizzes, assessments...


Field kiosk surveys and tablet surveys; Windows


For surveys fielded with Wi-Fi connected survey devices


Digivey Plus
Field and manage responsive (mobile-friendly) online surveys


Manage survey data and reporting on your PC


Data Shuffler
Automate project upload and data transfers


Online Reporting
Manage survey data and reporting in your online account


Digivey Data Bridge
Inject survey data into third party data bases