Online Surveys With Digivey Plus

Responsive Online Surveys with Digivey Plus

responsive, mobile-friendly surveys reach survey respondents using mobile devices
  • Mobile Friendly

    The new and improved Digivey Plus online surveys resize and adapt to the respondents device.

  • Create Once And Reuse

    Thanks to seamless integration with the other Digivey survey modules, questionnaires can be shared among survey systems.

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Replace time-consuming paper surveys with Digivey powered electronic survey systems. Then watch your response rates go up and workload and costs go down.

Main Features

Digivey Plus - Extra survey power for hassle-free online surveys

  • Save Workload and Time

    Easily create a questionnaire with Composer or upload an existing questionnaire.

  • Multilingual Support

    Translate the questionnaire and offer respondents to select their preferred language.

  • Multimedia Support

    Embed images and brief videos in your survey questionnaires to keep respondents interested.

  • Real-Time Survey Reports

    Log in to your account at anytime, from anywhere to view and download results, reports and charts.

  • Unlimited Visitor Accounts

    Invite team colleagues, clients and others to view the survey results for a given project on their own time.

  • Customizable - Your Branding, Not Ours

    Add top banner and logo, fonts, colors and copyright notices to change the survey appearance to your likings.

Exceptional Value Features

Reach More Respondents

Extend the survey reach from on-site surveys with survey kiosks or handheld tablets to online surveys. Enjoy advertising-free surveys offline and online.

Selective Reporting

View online survey results from either data collection method separately or combined.

Go Paperless

Save paper and time - download and distribute auto-generated PDF reports.

Cost-Efficient And Secure

Save a Bundle

Digivey Plus online survey subscriptions cost only a few cents per completed survey. Licenses for your own server are available, too.

Secure Server

SSL protected communication flow to and from the cloud-based hosted solution.

Live Support

Technical support and survey-related help is just a click or phone call away.

Digivey Modules and Subscriptions


Create compelling surveys, quizzes, assessments...


Field kiosk surveys and tablet surveys; Windows


For surveys fielded with Wi-Fi connected survey devices


Digivey Plus
Field and manage responsive (mobile-friendly) online surveys


Manage survey data and reporting on your PC


Data Shuffler
Automate project upload and data transfers


Online Reporting
Manage survey data and reporting in your online account


Digivey Data Bridge
Inject survey data into third party data bases