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Which operating systems are supported by Digivey survey software?
The Digivey modules Composer, Launcher, Analyzer, Data Shuffler and Data Bridge can be run under any current version of Windows: Windows 10, 8, 7, XP.
The RollaPoll app runs under Android versions 2.2 to version 5+. Since 2016 a Windows version of the RollaPoll app is available as well.
Server licenses for RollaPoll mobile apps and Digivey Plus online surveys are offered for businesses wanting to self-host the apps.
Offline or online operation?
Survey data collection can be run offline or online with any of the survey data collection modules: Launcher and RollaPoll.
Digivey Plus online surveys are always online.
Which modules to select?
For the survey administrator (the person who creates surveys and manages reporting) we recommend to select the Digivey Survey Suite in its mini, standard or professional version and to add Data Shuffler for project upload and data transfer automation. For each of the devices used for data collection a Launcher license or subscription to RollaPoll is required.
Where can I find software pricing information?
Please request software licensing pricing information for your country here.
Where can I find software feature information?
Feature summaries per software module can be found on the feature list page.
Where can I get help with licensing?
Please post a message with your questions about your Digivey software license(s) or license update and transfer requests.
Which subscription plans are available?
Subscriptions to the Digivey survey software are available starting with 30 day subscriptions. Please contact us with our questions about subscription plans. Subscription plans for the RollaPoll app can be found on the RollaPoll website.
Do you charge for software upgrades?
We only charge for full version upgrades (e.g. version 4.x to version 5.x). However, software maintenance updates are always free for all users.
How long will my Digivey software be valid?
Provided none of the time-limited license options were purchased, Digivey software licenses are lifetime per workstation licenses. Software upgrades are at the discretion of the user.
Are high volume enterprise licenses available?
High volume enterprise licenses are available. Please contact us with your quantity requirements.
Do I need a touch screen computer to work with Digivey?
A touch screen is not required for survey creation. However, for survey data collection with tablets, all-in-one computers and kiosks, we strongly recommend using touch screens.
What hardware to you recommend?
Most any brand of computer hardware found on the market today should be suitable. See our hardware selection guide or contact us with specific questions.
Could the Digivey survey software run on equipment I already own?
Most likely Digivey would run on equipment you already own. Please contact us or check with the minimum hardware requirements.
Do you offer local installation of survey systems?
Yes, our offerings include local installation of integrated survey systems supplied by us.
Do I need a keyboard in addition to the touch screen for my survey kiosk?
No, Digivey surveys do not require a keyboard for data collection. For text entries on any of the open-ended question types Digivey's data collection modules - Digivey Launcher and RollaPoll will automatically bring up an on-screen keypad.
My business does surveys only a few times a year. Would renting survey systems be a good solution?
Our survey equipment rental program would ideally fit this situation. We offer a wide range of survey equipment from handheld (mobile) survey tablets over portable survey systems for placement on desktops or counter tops. Survey kiosks for unmonitored survey data collection are available as well.
Please contact us to discuss your needs.
What user training is available?
Three hours of web-based user training are free with all eligible purchases. User training at your premises is charged by hour in addition to transportation and accommodation costs. Please contact us about your special training needs.
What if I need product support after user training?
Technical support incidents under 30 minutes are free of charge. Please contact us with your product questions and how-to questions at any time. We are here to help.