Paperless Surveys

One Step
Data Collection to Reporting

With the Digivey survey software you get more and better results faster.

An electronic interactive questionnaire replaces paper questionnaires, show cards, incentive receipts, consent forms and anything else that would have needed paper in the past.

What's a Tree to You?

A single tree produces about 3 lbs of oxygen every year. The average human consumes 3.5 lbs oxygen per year. To produce five thousand sheets of paper (one ream) an average of 1 1/4 tree is needed. Sadly, only about 15% of office paper originates from recycled paper.

Digivey powered electronic survey systems eliminate the need for paper, plus they deliver more accurate survey responses within a fraction of the time.

Paperless surveys
dramatically save costs,
time and workload.

Data quality goes up, human errors go down.

Six Reasons Why to Take Surveys Paperless

  • Reason Three

    Benefit from instant results and pre-formatted top-line reports being available in real-time at any point of survey data collection. Filter and manage data as needed at anytime, from anywhere.


  • Reason Four

    Up to 35% of returned paper surveys do not qualify for analysis because of path errors, accidentally skipped over, unreadable or overwritten answer choices and other nuisances. Increase the yield of usable survey responses dramatically, and stop rejecting returned responses with Digivey powered surveys.

  • Reason Five

    Respondents shy away from paper surveys and clipboards.
    Attract more respondents to participate in a visually engaging survey presented on sleek looking touch screen devices that make it real fast to complete a survey questionnaire.

Try It For Yourself

When you request a field trial we will send you a complete survey system to trial.