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Touch Screen
Survey Systems

The survey hardware selection guide below is helpful to select a survey device that is right for your customer feedback or other marketing research initiative.

Each group of survey devices has its unique set of features. While survey kiosks and all-in-one touch computer based survey systems are ideal for self-service, the mobility of tablets makes them better suitable for interviewer assisted surveys.

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For Marketing Research

When selecting a device for touch screen survey use it is important to take accompanying environmental conditions into consideration.

For interviewer-assisted surveys mobility, weight and battery re-charge times are important.

For self-administered surveys in a self-service situation the availability of internet connection and AC power as well as suitability for indoor and/or outdoor are important selection criteria.

Better Survey Success
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Hardware Selection Guide

Find the survey device that best supports your touch screen survey projects

Touch Screen Survey Systems
Feature Tablet PCs, Windows Tablet PCs, Android All-in-one Survey Stations Survey Kiosks
Indoor use yes yes yes yes
Outdoor use most models most models protected only with outdoor configuration only
AC Power no (recharge only) no (recharge only) yes yes
Battery-Operated yes yes no no
Face-to-face Interviews yes yes no no
Self-Administered Surveys no no yes yes
Portability/Mobility yes yes most models no