Collect Survey Responses, Windows

Field interactive touch screen surveys with Digivey Launcher

reliable data collection anywhere with Digivey Launcher survey data collection tool
  • Reliable

    The reliability of Digivey Launcher for survey data collection is unsurpassed and makes it a leading tool in its class.

  • Continuous Mode

    Launcher runs kiosk and tablet surveys in continuous mode with the precision of a clockwork.

  • Seamless Integration

    Launcher seamlessly integrates with other relevant modules of the Digivey survey software.

  • Versatile

    Launcher manages all aspects of survey data collection, including multimedia, scan cards and more.

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Main Features

Survey data collection with Digivey Launcher is a breeze. Fast. Direct. Efficient.

  • Supported Methodologies

    Use Launcher with computers or tablets running under Windows for self-administered surveys or face-to-face interviews.

  • Password Protection

    Several layers of password protection protect from unauthorized access to the survey system.

  • Hide/Unhide Questions

    Hide certain questions not applicable for specific locations or dates, e.g. when conducting retail and conference surveys.

  • Scan, Print, Email

    Launcher supports a variety of peripherals like printers, scanners, bar code readers and emailing.

  • Optional Settings

    A variety of optional settings can be activated directly at the survey station.

  • Result Encryption

    Optional encrypting of sensitive survey data adds an extra layer of security and privacy.

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Exceptional Value Features

Respondent Voice Recording

Capture the voice of the customer with your devices' microphone.

Respondent's Picture

With your devices front facing camera Launcher can take a picture of the respondent. Use the picture-taking feature to get closer to your respondents.

Instant Results Interim Survey

Additionally engage with respondents and display a color chart to share survey results at any point of the questionnaire.

Maximum Benefit Minimum Workload

Ease of Use

Enjoy hassle-free, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain touch screen survey systems powered by Digivey Launcher.

Highly Efficient Continuous Loop

Launcher efficiently runs surveys in continuous loop cycling between end screen and new start screen. A single loop is available for specialty surveys.

Exceptional Support

Live support is available at any time. See the support section of how to contact us.

Digivey Modules and Subscriptions


Create compelling surveys, quizzes, assessments...


Field kiosk surveys and tablet surveys; Windows


For surveys fielded with Wi-Fi connected survey devices


Digivey Plus
Field and manage responsive (mobile-friendly) online surveys


Manage survey data and reporting on your PC


Data Shuffler
Automate project upload and data transfers


Online Reporting
Manage survey data and reporting in your online account


Digivey Data Bridge
Inject survey data into third party data bases