RollaPoll Survey App

Streamline survey management with the RollaPoll App

field surveys with tablets and smart phones with the RollaPoll mobile survey app
  • Survey Management Module For Android + Windows

    Use RollaPoll with tablets and smart phones running under Android o/s or Wi-Fi connected Windows survey devices.

  • Integrates With Other Digivey Survey Software Modules

    Questionnaires and survey data are compatible with other Digivey survey software modules.

Android or Windows operating system

Use RollaPoll with survey devices under Android or Windows o/s.

It's also possible to mix Windows operated survey kiosks with mobile Android survey devices.

Mobile Surveys That Rock

More than just surveys. Try RollaPoll for yourself.

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Main Features

The RollaPoll survey app sparkles with features.

  • Wide Variety of Question Types

    A wide variety of question types for meaningful questionnaire design, including open ended-question types.

  • Interactivity Logic

    Select from a variety of interactivity tools: branching, skipping, piping, rotation and randomization.

  • Multimedia Enhanced Questionnaires

    Add images and videos to your questionnaires, display information screens, and more.

  • Multilingual Questionnaires

    Offer respondents language selection. All world languages are supported.

  • Automated Project and Data handling

    The RollaPoll app manages these processes for you. View reports and results anytime, anywhere.

  • Works Offline and Online

    During survey fielding (data collection), devices don't need to be connected.

Exceptional Value Features

Professional Survey Features

The RollaPoll mobile survey app goes beyond of what is common and usual in support of great surveys.

One-Touch Deployment

Deploy a new survey questionnaire to one or hundreds of tablets anywhere in the world with lightning speed.

Design Questions As Needed

There are no software side limitations how many questions and answer choices a questionnaire may contain.

Next Generation Survey App Survey Like A Pro

Compelling Survey App From A Trusted Source

Benefit from years of experience and knowledge about interactive surveys.

Because Reliability Matters

As with all electronic surveys, mobile surveys must function properly each time. There is no repeat or roll-back button for trade shows, conferences, events. The robust make-up of the RollaPoll survey app gets surveys right every time.

Survey Offline or Online, Across the Globe

Regardless of the situation for survey fielding, the RollaPoll survey app has proven itself to work flawlessly everywhere, at home and abroad.

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