Digivey Software Specifications

Technical Highlights Digivey Survey Software

at the onset of a new survey initiative stands a well thought-out questionnaire

Questionnaire Design

The heart and soul of a survey lies within the questionnaire. A survey questionnaire needs to be crafted along the individual information need of a business or organization. Ask yourself what do I need to know and formulate questions that will deliver that information. Composer offers a wide variety of question types and tools to build a meaningful, easily understandable questionnaire for interactive surveys, quizzes, assessments and also registration applications.

  • Closed-ended and open-ended question types
  • Interactivity logic tools: Branching and skipping
  • Piping (text replacement) and randomization
  • Information screens
  • Language layers
  • Multimedia integration
  • Survey branding / customization
successfully combine exit surveys at trade shows and events with online surveys

Data Collection Methodologies / Survey Distribution

The Digivey survey software supports the most commonly used computer-assisted survey data collection methodologies. Each of these can used by itself or simultaneously to achieve mixed-mode surveys. It is also possible to start out with one type of data collection methodology followed by another type. A typical example of two data collection methodologies following each other are exit trade show surveys followed by online surveys.

regardless if survey results originated offline or online either reporting tool can be used

Reporting Capabilities

Digivey supports desktop reporting as well as online reporting. Data originating from either reporting type can be merged if so desired. Which reporting type to use will depend on the preferences and policies in place. Unless an organization owns a server license of the respective modules of the Digivey survey software, online reporting is offered as a hosted service.

  • Automated report generation, desktop
  • Automated report generation, online
  • Data management tools: Cross tabulations, filters
  • Raw data export in a variety of formats (comma-delimited as well as Excel compatible formats)
the Digivey survey software handles surveys as well as related other questionnaire-based applications

Purpose / Usages

The main purpose of the Digivey survey software are interactive surveys. In addition to surveys several other applications are supported:

  • Interactive surveys: Tablet surveys, kiosk surveys, touch screen surveys, online surveys
  • Interactive assessments
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Interactive registration / Sign-in
  • Clinical Research Studies
  • Information and survey in combination with TouchPresenter information kiosk software
different Digivey modules can be used to collect customer feedback with Windows and Android-based devices

Operating Systems | Miscellaneous

The Digivey survey software primarily runs under applicable Windows operating system versions. The only exception to this is the RollaPoll mobile survey app that runs surveys under Android.

  • Supported Microsoft® operating systems: Windows 10, 8, 7, XP; Windows Server
  • Other operating systems: Android 3, Android 4, Android 5 (for data collection)
  • Software architecture: Modular
  • Programming platforms: Microsoft Dot.Net; other Microsoft platforms; Google Android

Try It For Yourself

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we will send you a complete survey system to trial.


Which Digivey Survey Software Version To Select?

Versions and modules of the Digivey survey software integrate seamlessly.

Select for use with RollaPoll mobile surveys running under Android.
Suitable for all surveys with hardware running under Windows.
For surveys with advanced survey features running under Windows.


See for yourself how amazing a reliable and easy to use survey companion the Digivey survey software can be for you.