Sports Event Surveys

Quick Surveys For Sports Fans

The Digivey survey software makes it easy to tap into the minds of sports fans and learn more about their satisfaction, needs and wants and to identify new business opportunities. Digivey captures customer experience immediately following the experience when the memory is still fresh and the respondents are still focused on the event.

  • Learn what could deliver an even greater game experience
  • Deepen awareness of customer expectations
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Measure the effectiveness of promotional campaigns
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  • Knowledge = Power

    Informed decisions are more likely to positively impact a business.

  • Greater Success

    Benefit from more and better results and cost reductions.

  • Early Information

    Identify problems areas at an early stage and shorten your reaction time.

  • More Responses

    Gather more responses in a shorter time frame with actionable results at your finger tips.

Measure Customer Experience With Ease


Reach respondents live at the point-of-experience where they are already focused on your organization's products and services.


Unlock the key to greater success with Digivey powered surveys that are engaging, interesting and fun.


Track customer experiences, wants and needs while you can still make a difference.


The survey reports help you identify areas that need improvement and new opportunities.

Digivey survey software - Unleash the power of interactive surveys.


Implement measurements that will improve the customer experience and boost loyalty.

Extra survey power at your finger tips

Connect with your customers in an engaging, interesting and relaxed way.

  • Reliability

    The Digivey survey software is a proven reliable survey solution that works. Guaranteed.

  • Ease of use

    Digivey is quick to learn and helps you create interesting, engaging surveys.

  • Feature-rich

    You'll find plenty of features to use for your questionnaire design.

  • Easy Survey Management

    Benefit from automated processes running in the background while you collect more responses.

  • Quick Reports

    No more number crunching. Digivey compiles easy to read reports automatically.

  • Great Support

    Our dedicated support team is here for you when you need them.

Digivey Modules and Subscriptions


Create compelling surveys, quizzes, assessments...


Field kiosk surveys and tablet surveys; Windows


For surveys fielded with Wi-Fi connected survey devices


Digivey Plus
Field and manage responsive (mobile-friendly) online surveys


Manage survey data and reporting on your PC


Data Shuffler
Automate project upload and data transfers


Online Reporting
Manage survey data and reporting in your online account


Digivey Data Bridge
Inject survey data into third party data bases

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