Digivey Survey Software Highlights

How It Works

Steps of the survey process with the Digivey Survey Suite

Create a questionnaire with Digivey Composer and deploy to tablets, kiosks or web.
Collect responses with one or more of the chosen data collection methodologies.
View readily available results and reports with Analyzer or one of the online reporting tools.
  • Productive

    There is no time lost. Select, apply, done. Insightful, ready to use survey reports are auto-compiled and available at any time.

  • Unrivaled Reliability

    For all customer-facing technology it is important to work flawlessly, the more so for surveys. The reliability of Digivey exceeds expectations.


See for yourself how amazing a reliable and easy to use survey companion the Digivey survey software can be for you.

What You Can Do

Manage the entire survey process from questionnaire creation to reporting

Create Surveys

Easily create compelling interactive questionnaires with Digivey Composer. Subscription and conventional license purchase options. 12-month subscriptions start at a monthly cost of



Field Surveys

Field your touch screen surveys with Digivey Launcher on kiosks and tablets. Subscription and conventional license purchase options. 12-month subscriptions start at at a monthly cost of



Automate Surveys

Control survey deployment and data transfers directly from your work computer. Subscription and conventional license purchase options. 12-month subscriptions start at at a monthly cost of



Analyze Surveys

View and manage survey results and generate survey reports directly at your computer or online. Subscription and conventional license purchase options. 12-month subscriptions start at at a monthly cost of



Digivey Feature Highlights

at the core of every successful survey questionnaire is Digivey Composer

Interactive Questionnaire Design

Composer, the authoring tool of the Digivey survey software family delivers the tools to get your surveys out the door quickly.

Features include a wide variety of question types, interactivity features like branching, skipping, randomization, piping (text replacement); survey appearance features; survey branding; project management tools; survey security tools. And there is more: Multilingual surveys including translation help, multimedia enhanced surveys (images, video and audio), spoken surveys, respondent's voice recording, respondent's picture taken, on-screen signatures, information screens, bar code scanning; card swiping...

reach customers offline and online with one or more data collection methodologies contained in the Digivey survey software family

Maximized Survey Fielding

The Launcher module is the ideal survey data collection module for kiosk surveys and Windows tablet surveys. Launcher can work in parallel to the online data collection module Digivey Plus, in front of it or after it for maximized respondent reach. All modules integrate seamlessly with each other. The collected data are compatible as well. When Digivey Launcher runs in combination with the Digivey Data Shuffler module, project upload and data download are automated.

use Android smart phones and Android tablets together with the RollaPoll to conduct mobile surveys

Mobile Surveys With Android Devices

The RollaPoll mobile survey app is a professional survey tool that works hand in hand with the other modules of the Digivey survey software family. It integrates with all relevant other modules. RollaPoll does not require permanent internet connection during survey data collection. It can run offline and online. Once the survey device is connected again, it will automatically upload data. Survey results and ready to use reports are accessible at any time, from anywhere.

add online surveys to your data collection mix and reach more respondents

Online Surveys

Reach survey respondents online with Digivey Plus mobile-friendly, advertisement-free online surveys. Digivey online surveys can be deployed via a link embedded in a website or by emailing survey invitations. The Digivey online surveys can run standalone, in parallel to a kiosk survey or mobile survey with tablets or as a follow-up survey after events, trade shows and similar situations.

achieve significant time savings with automated survey upload and data download

Project and Data Automation

Digivey Data Shuffler, the automation tool of the Digivey survey software helps you automate survey upload and data download. After initial set-up of the individual parameters Data shuffler does uploads projects to the assigned destination at a click and downloads survey data for you.

select offline or online reporting or a combination of both - Digivey survey software offers both

Reporting Offline and Online

Digivey leaves you the choice how you would like to organize reporting - offline or online or a combination of both. All of the reporting modules include ready-to-use report output, descriptive statistics, cross tabulations and filters. Raw data in popular formats may be exported as well.

gain additional insights when merging survey data with already existing data bases

Data Injection Into Third Party Data Bases

The Data Bridge module is a specialty auxiliary module for businesses with a large amount of survey responses where some or all parts should be injected into an existing third party data base. Usage example: Healthcare organization injects and merges all or some survey data into an existing data base.


Digivey Survey Software Versions

Modules contained in the three Digivey software versions

Data Shuffler
Databridge (separately only)