Touch Screen Survey 101

Efficient Survey Data Collection

Marketing researchers started adopting electronic survey data collection methodologies about two decades ago when computer-assisted self-interviewing (CASI) and web surveys first emerged.

With the introduction and distribution of touch screen computers, mechanical survey machines became obsolete and marketing research service providers and their clients greatly benefitted from immediately available actionable results.

Confidential and Anonymous

Soon, researchers started to employ touch screen surveys for computer-assisted-self-interviewing (CASI) as well as for computer-assisted personal interviews and mobile computer assisted interviews (CAPI and mCAPI).

Today more than ever CASI. CAPI and mCAPI are the preferred survey data collection methodology at the point of experience. All industries with direct customer contact can use CASI, CAPI and mCAPI with great success.

Digivey Survey Software

ideally unites touch technology
with marketing research.

  • Input
    By Touch

    Why the success of touch technology?? Reaching out and touching is natural, tempting and intuitive to everyone. Before human babies can talk they reach out and touch to explore and interact with their environment.

  • Touch Technology

    The simplicity and directness of touch technology makes it an ideal means to collect survey data. Studies have shown that respondents from all walks of life prefer touch screen surveys over paper and phone surveys.

  • Speed

    Touch technology is today's fastest way to interact with a computer. In marketing research faster survey completion yields higher response rates, lower data collection costs and promptly delivers highly reliable data.


  • Data

    Studies have shown that respondents answer more honestly to computer-assisted surveys.

  • Confidentiality
    and Anonymity

    Touch screen surveys do not require respondent identification to function properly.

  • Enhanced

    Typically, touch computers provide a higher level of security than computers with keyboard and mouse.


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